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Peter Kostis and Gary McCord

10/28/2019 7:06:49 AM

I kind of see McCord, been there a long time and can say a few things that maybe he should not. You have seen they had been cutting back on his air time. Kostis is more the surprise to me. He is one of the better swing analyzers in the game which not to many people can do well. Both have been there a long time and from an HR perspective cutting 2 guys in there 70's could be looked at in the wrong way. I hope both get to move along to what ever they want to do.


10/28/2019 6:52:11 AM

Who new 2 years ago Tiger could even play again much less now win 3 times. He seems to have fallen into the normal golfer mode, he gets on a roll with the irons and putter for a few dats and a win pops up. This is like most wins on tour for most players, they just happen to have everything fall in place for 1 week. In his hey day it was every week. Congrats to Tiger, great win...Did you see where Tiger and several others went to show, got stuck for a few hours at Domino's and a 7-Eleven for a couple hours. Seems almost no one knew who they were, that had to be strange for Tiger. Tigers bag is now all TaylorMade except for his putter. Unless your really, really good, don't even try to hit the TW Irons. Average Joe might hit them 1 on 20 swings. Tiger is a great example of if you find a putter keep it, his is well over 10 years old. His Ball choice also shows you, also most all the top brands balls are good. I am very surprise TaylorMade does not have him use their TP5 ball.

More Putters/Cobra/Cleveland

10/16/2019 1:04:58 PM

Odysseys has 2 new Stroke Lab Ten Black and Bird of Prey putters, seems like old putters in new color tents to me. Cobra has introduced their iron that is blade like with some form of injected foam. Funny how 1 brand does it and now 3 companies have the same basic type blade iron. Cleveland has a new Launcher Driver. Not sure why this driver has no adjustments for lofts. Seems Cleveland is still lagging in adding that to the woods. Tour is offshore for about 3 weeks, Senior guys are just now closing out their season. Tiger Book, if he is honest it could be a good read, if it is his normal his twist on what he wants to tell then you might not get anything new.

Na, Rahm, Shoes, Kim

10/7/2019 8:50:45 AM

Na held it together, give him credit hard to do after a triple, plus getting up and down on hole 72, topping birdie in hole 73, shows how he is improving with age. Rahm at win number 5, if he continues to mature his mental side of the game his win count could be 20+. Bryson claims he is going to hit the gym hard in his off time, is he trying to become Koepka. ECCO release BIOM Cool Pro, FootJoy release new Contour's...I like ECCO's but they don't seem to last material wise. Not sure that grip pattern on the bottom is all the gripping, plus $230. About the same shoe as the Contour for $130. Side note...3 year ban for Bio Kim for obscene gesture, WOW US players need to be happy the don't play over there we might not have many guys on tour...Tiger would have never won so many...I fully support calling him out and correcting the behavior but 3 years...

Tournament Golf

9/30/2019 6:02:48 PM

Played in my clubs senior club championship this past weekend. Amazes me how playing for next to nothing but pride cause the average Joe to fold. I did my normal and played good day 1 and folded day 2. Several others folded day 1 and cam back strong day 2. Champ comes through with win number 2. They say Champ is already having back problems, hits it to hard. Nothing special going on in golf equipment of clothes, most of the companies have already introduced the 2020 models. Titleist does have a new ball called TruFeel. Never found any of theirs balls except ProV1 or x being any good. Taylormade and Callaway did introduce new wedges or just small changes to the old ones.

Oct Golf - TP5 Ball - Romo

9/27/2019 6:04:08 AM

While most people don't bring him up, this weeks Safeway event if where Johnny Miller owns part of the course so as you noticed more of the bigger names showed up to play in a Fall event. Not really sure why the work so hard to end the Golf year in August, then turn around and start next year early. It is still golf going up against football. TaylorMade TP5PIX Golf Bag has a new Patriotic version. First of all this is a good ball, for my swing speed it is a couple yards longer than ProV1x. For me I also like the marks on the ball because it helps be find a place to really focus on when hitting the ball. Also great feedback on chip shots. Price went back to $45, just last week the normal PIX ball was 2 for $70. Romo had a good round, maybe he could play some on the Senior side when he gets there.

DalyII, Hank, 2020 already

9/17/2019 7:31:14 AM

Daly's son had a great weekend in a Junior event on Florida, won by 5 shots in the older division. He has a chance to be much better than dad, watch him progress. Hank Haney is to resume in Pod Cast mode. Still don't know what the big deal was, people just don't like the truth these days. Rookie wins at the Greenbrier, Niemann. Like normal golf does not get a great deal of attention this time of year. Solheim Cup was something to watch, at least a close match occurred and both teams did well. Driver testing, I guess it is OK, but a player really has no control over it, he assumes his rep gave him a good driver. The player can't test himself, so this process will be interesting. Give Euro Credit for trying to do something about slow play. Never understand how a tour pro playing at around par can take 4+ hours to play. I think taking over 3 is crazy. Luckily for me where I play, I can do 9 in about 1:20 and 18 in 2:45 or less most days. An that is walking and carrying the bag.

Season 2020 Starts

9/9/2019 6:29:54 AM

Seems we just stopped, we did, the 2020 Seasons starts this week and 11 events occur before 2020 gets here. I play a great deal of golf and like golf but do we really need this many events. I guess it keeps the Golf Channel busy. Seems most of club makers new clubs for 2020 are hitting the shelves now. More clubs that will send the ball higher and further and yet average Joe still plays bogie golf at best. Family of Palmer is still working on what to do with all his memorabilia. Hope most of it end up at Golf Hall of Fame for everyone to enjoy. Paul Casey won in Europe this week, but other than that kind of a slow week in golf.

Taylormade Golfballs

9/3/2019 6:24:16 AM

As of 9-3-2019 you can get 2 dozen of the TP5 PIX balls for $70, plus tax, create an account and you can get free shipping, not a bad deal for a high end ball, I have played and the TP5 and it plays top end, https://www.taylormadegolf.com/TP5-Pix-Golf-Balls/DW-WZ906.html?sc_src=email_56637&sc_lid=4364366&sc_uid=vy8xsYwFxc&sc_llid=105154&utm_source=us-emarsys&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=ball&utm_content=pix-2for70&sc_eh=810d6bb7f2912f8a1

Omega - Rory

8/30/2019 6:09:39 AM

Seems Omega, one of Rory sponsors had him introduce a new lightweight watch to the market this week, so cool what does it look like and cost, nice looking yes, price tag $48,600. Now does the average golfer have $50k for 1 watch. I thought golf club prices were getting nutsy. Does Omaga really think someone going to drop down $50k just because Rory wears one. If you have that kind of money I doubt it. On another funny note, Tommy Fleetwood used his caddies putter on 8-29-19 which his caddy got off eBay. Amazing what golfer will do to make a putt. Lastly did you see the score card of Litwak at a Texas PGA Sectional this week, 29 -7 on the front, 43 +6 on the back, I think he started thinking about 59...

FedEx Cup Money

8/26/2019 7:04:07 AM

Nice to make the top 30 this year. Even 30th picked up a nice $400k. Schauffele picked up $5 million. Nice for a 25 year old. There has always been some debate on Tour how much if any should the caddy get of the year end money. If McIlroy gives his caddy $1.5m, nice for carrying around a bag. I wish I made that kind of money. Seems the getting strokes was no big deal, a player who did have a good year won the event. Koepka only has himself to blame, he kind of folded down the stretch this week. Happens to everyone, some days you just don't have it. Still won $3.5m, again I'll take that. The only change they need to make is not giving so many points in the 2 other events, they had to much movement for getting hot at the end.

FedEx Cup Playoffs

8/22/2019 6:07:09 AM

Why is the FedEx Playoffs so hard to understand? The old system was way to hard for the average fan to follow. I know this leads to guys who did not have the best year to end up winning, but lets compare. In Football, Baseball or basketball teams with losing records or about .500 records can get into the playoffs. AN in those sports they could end up winning the entire thing. This is the same thing, yes Kopeka had the best year but he needs to complete the process. The only tweak I think they need to make is not putting so many points on the 2 other Playoff Events. That did allow some player movement that was not deserved, they got hot 1 week and jumped 30 spots, that part is wrong. Kopeka had such a large lead going into the first 2 weeks, under normal weekly points he could not have been caught. For him to go into the last week in third is not right. I understand this is not easy, how do you generate a playoff vibe in a sport that for the most part plays year round. Maybe some consider ration should be made to have only 1 playoff event, staggered start like now, but say 6 rounds over 2 weekends.

FedEx Cup Finals

8/19/2019 6:21:59 AM

Last week of the season for golf, which is strange because they begin 2020 in just a few weeks. I like the idea of giving someone a head start for the finals but I think they gave to many points to the last 2 events. There was some major movement by a few only because they played good now. Not sure Thomas should be able to go from 15 to 1 in 1 event. Congrats to Doug Barron. Monday qualifies and wins the event. Barron only made $550k in 8 seasons on Tour and in his only 2 Sr Events he has now picked up roughly $375k. Its good to turn 50. Doug just happens to play a great of golf at Windyke CC(where I play) and TPC Southwind in Memphis area. Doug is a small guy that can really hit the ball hard. ***EQUIPMENT*** Taylormade really pushing there new and improvement P790 irons...Pre Order...Really who orders a club they have never hit...Don't do it...Hit them first. Never mention this before, but CallawayPreOwned.com is a good option for good clubs on a budget. FootJoy new Fall Line of clothes is out. The seems to be focusing more on clothes then shoes these days. Another budget hit, if you lose a high number of golf balls, RockBootomGolf.com AMMO Used balls are the way to go.

More Equipment

8/13/2019 5:13:02 PM

Taylormade has already made over the P790 irons. The other P790's were only 2 years old. Again a vendor with 7 models of irons. How do you know what to buy. Reed finally won again, another guy with an interesting bag setup, Ping, Taylormade, Titleist and Odyssey all in the same bag. Sorry DeChambeau, people are right speed up. Viewers get bored waiting, also not good for your sponsors, TV directors won't cut to you because you take to long. In general what don't the have the numbers on every tee to speed up play. Why does every player and caddie have to figure it its 176 to the hole and 169 to cover the bunker. They get to the same answer, speed up the process and just have it documented on the tee, all 18 of them, that probably cuts out 20 minutes a round along.

Great Talk with Lee Trevino

8/9/2019 6:08:19 AM


More Equipment thoughts

8/7/2019 7:55:35 AM

Just looking through an email from Taylormade and they have 5 different Iron models. Ping has 7 different Iron models. Callaway's are very confusing, but about 7 Iron Models. Without dragging in Titleist, Mizuno, Cleveland, Cobra, etc. how in the world could anyone figure out what is the best Iron for them. I love the fact the options are there, but talk about overwhelming. I get nothing from them but use ClubChampion to get fitted before you spend $1000 for irons. Pay the fee, you will glad you did.

This Week in Golf 8-5-19

8/5/2019 8:21:16 AM

Why I like Golf Athletes over other sports. PGA Tour players never have guaranteed jobs from year to year. To keep your playing rights you have to play well, you have to make cuts. Look at some of the names that will have to fight to get into events next year, Kaymer, Haas, Mahan, Walker and many more. I never know why other sports contracts are not totally based upon performance. FedEx Cup Playoffs begin this week. Two players missed the Top 125 by 2 points. That is 1 putt missed. Does not see like Tiger played very well except Augusta, yet he has 1003 points and is 27th in points. Not sure he can play 3 weeks in a row. Still not sure they have the formula right but I will admit I not sure how to change it. Koepka has a 572 point lead, seems like he should get some sort of big advantage. Given 4th is 1029 ponts behind only the top 3 should be allowed to win the entire thing. Other notes, Woodland had twins, congrats to him and his wife. Titleist has now hit the market with new TS2 and TS3 Hybrids and Fairway Woods. Again are they really any better than the old models or just something else to sell. JT Poston's bag this week was all Titleist. Fairly unusually for an entire bag to be 1 vendor. Did you see the Tour Caddy that shot 202 in the U.S. Am qualifier? I am not sure how you could shot that bad with just 1 club. Remember never fall for the vendors HYPE. I don't get paid by them but for a serious golfer, find a Club Champion location and get fitted for your swing and what feels good to you. it is not cheap $100 to $350 depending on what your doing, but if you going to spend $2000 plus for a full bag of clubs get one that will work for years. There are way to many choices for you to figure this out on your own.

St Jude World Golf

7/29/2019 6:49:12 AM

Koepka does it again, steps up in big events and wins. McIlory did not really fold, he just never got anything going. Watch closely on how far off his short irons are. He comes up short way to many times. TPC Southwind does not get the credit it should. More balls in the water in the last 15 years than any course on tour. Look it up. Water is in real play on 3, 4, 9, 10, 11, 12, 14, 15 and 18. Look at the number of doubles and triples happen around this course. And with only 2 par 5's your must be on your game. Take Speith he had 2 double and 2 triples over the four days, get rid of 4 holes and he is at -16. Congrats also to Langer for picking up another big win in the Senior British Open. Equipment keeps getting more costly, Callaway just hit the market with a new EPIC Flash Star Driver $699. That right $699 for 1 club, really. Now why is the fairway wood version $399 which is crazy, but the driver is $300 more. New EPIC Forged Star Irons, full set is $2599. No profit margin here. Again, you want to expand the sport but club prices are to high. They already have problem with faces being to close to limit on being to hot and here comes another one. Might be great clubs, I am not knocking them, just the price point.

Champion Golfer of the Year

7/22/2019 6:51:02 AM

Can't even imagine how Lowry feel winning The Open while it is played in Northern Irland. Only downside was he was in such on control for the last 2 days there was not much drama. Congrats to Lowry. I wonder how much the bar bill was. Check outs Lowry's bag makeup, Srixon, Taylormade, Cleveland and Odyssey. Play what fits your game, not brands. JB Holmes, could there a been a bigger slide. Koepka did get on Holmes for slow play and good for him. Koepka is 100% right, why does Holmes wait until it is his turn to put his glove on and really figure out what shot to hit. This week FedEx St Jude, World Golf Event for the first time. They are getting lucky, weather end of July is normally 100 degrees plus heat index, this weeks forecast never above 90 which is great for Memphis. If you did not catch it, Schauffele had his driver fail the COR test so he had to use a new one. 1 - Seems like Callaway would check that before they give it to him, 2 - Crowd there called him a cheater because they leaked the test results. Come on UK fans, you really think he new, he plays what the Callaway van gives him. Plus 4 drivers failed, none of the others leaked out. Also 4 of 30 tested, is something wrong with the test and do the makers have a problem.

The Open

7/16/2019 6:12:40 AM

Like how they claim the name, the Open. Looks for deals coming and going this week. Taylormade put the TP with spots on Sale, the Millar clothing line on sale and Spider putters. That is new for a brand to run a short sale. Gfore has several items on sale, which are still high because of their price point. William Murray Golf seems to be on the rise, they have launched several new prints. The items are not as loud as you would expect. Ping G410 LST Driver is out, another promise of more distance. New adjustment device allows for 8 different settings in 1 club. Dylan Frittelli won the John Deere with a complete bag from Callaway, all clubs, putter and ball. That is unusual. Titleist has a new U500 Utility club, not sure where this category is coming from. From 16 to 22 degrees. Always selling us something easier to hit, sure it is for a Pro.